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Introduction of WCAG 2.0


Searching Web 2.0 Spaces

Search Engines & New Search Engine Special Products

Search Tool Search Options Special Features Tips and Hints



AND default (assumed)

”  ” make phrase

OR must be capitalized

– excludes





Yahoo also accepts ( ) and NOT

Yahoo uses hostname: to limit exactly to within a site

Google News Archive Basic Google search works

Article view

Timeline view

Adv. Srch:  limit by dates, language, source, price
SearchMash Same as Google Results are Google.  No advertisements. Find matching Images, Wikipedia, and other result types.  Changing, beta.
Yahoo Pipes Search or browse popular by keywords. Mini scripting programs to make mashups. Need Yahoo account to view/edit or create Pipes.  Easy instructions provided Combine Location with

businesses, events, movies

Maps and directions Similar to or

Finding Blogs or RSS Feeds

Search Tool Search Options Special Features Tips and Hints
Google Blogsearch Search much like Google.  Accepts  site:  intitle:

Results are individual postings as found in feeds.

To search postings: inposttitle  inpostauthor:

To search blog properties: inblogtitle:  blogurl:

Adv. Blog Srch. also allows limiting by date and language.
Technorati Blog postings search. Modify level of Authority (any, some, a little, a lot). “Authority” based on popularity (links to it) and how often updated. Blog & Feed Search Use tabs in results to choose feeds or blogs. Easy options for subscribing to feeds under each result. Most popular feeds on right often offer good starting places.
Bloglines Search Use pop-down menu to search for posts or for feeds Easy to subscribe using Bloglines in search results. “More Options” Srch. allows search by blog title, author, subject, and more.

Searching Social Spaces

Search Tool Search Options Special Features Tips and Hints
MySpace Use tabs to search areas in MySpace (people, videos, blogs, etc.) Keep searches simple.  Not all Google search options work. Essentially a huge personal connecting/network.  Click SEARCH link for suggestions for finding people.
FaceBook Must create account to search or even look. Participation largely higher education.  Organized into members’ institutions.
Ning Default AND,  accepts OR. Once inside a community, search box is for that area. Look at/sort by the number of members.

Create free account to participate.

Flickr Partial Yahoo search syntax.  Search photos by tags, description text. Mostly photos.  Also videos and social networking. Also search for photo group pools (often useful themes), people, discussions.

Yahoo account needed to upload, organized, participate in groups, sharing.

YouTube Partial Google search syntax.  Search descriptions, titles, tags. Videos.  Browse Categories, Channels (comedians, directors, etc.), or Community (groups, contests) Google or YouTube account needed to upload, join/create groups, make playlists and subscriptions.
Yahoo Podcasts Search text, descriptions in series, episodes, or series and episodes. Browse by categories or tags. Yahoo account needed to upload.  Helpful instructions on podcasts.
MovieLens Movie recommendations based on your preferences. Background on movies available. Need to create account to participate.  Connecting with people thru movies. Find and play music by name of artist or name of music/album. Selections based on “music genome” project’s associations with what you choose.  You fine tune your preferences as you listen. Create account (easy) to participate.

No play on demand to avoid copyright violation.  Licensed as FM radio station.  Plays whole tunes of music it selects based on your  choices. Simple search by name or artist or name of music or album finds and play some music.  Or browse various categories.  Charts based on listening (not sales). Selections based on “scrobbling” – what you listen to analyzed and compared with other listeners.  You fine tune your preferences as you listen. Some free music (determined by copyright and copyright owner).  Provides snippets when under copyright and link to buy.

Good descriptions and history of most artists.

43 Things Simple search (default and only) in top box without account.  Matches words in goals, people, and tags. Zeitgeist provides most recent, city approach,  people, and more.  Tag clouds. Create account to participate by sharing your goals and personal information.
LibraryThing Search tab at top to find works, authors, tags, users, and user locations.  *truncates.  Keep searches simple and do not trust ” ” or -.  Look carefully at results.

Groups tab allows searching and browsing for groups.

Zeitgeist is overview and place to browse by “top” people, books, library size, and more.

Search collections of books, cataloged with tagging as subjects.  Images from Amazon as available.

Suggestions tab provides book suggestions for books or authors you like or dislike (unsuggest).

Need account to build a library and to use the tools (APIs and other displays).

Account also allows search within your collection and “library suggestions” based on your collection.

URLs – although generally mnemonic, some are tricky



Ask  (Portal at

43 Things Blog & Feed Search Go to and click on Blogs & feeds to the right
Bloglines Search
Google Blogsearch
Google News Archive
SearchMash (from Google)
Technorati Blog Search
Yahoo Pipes
Yahoo Podcasts

View blog authority, Technorati Top Tags,
View blog top tags,

Web2.0 video

YouTube Video


Interesting examples in Web 2.0

Interesting examples in Web 2.0

MSN Live Spaces, Yahoo! 360o,, Flickr, Yahoo! MyWeb2.0, YouTube,, Yahoo! Podcasts, CiteULike, Housingmaps, TagMaps, Virtual Video Map, Weather Bonk