WordPress Blog improve tips

A lot of people are going crazy over WordPress. Bloggers enjoy most their experience with WordPress blogs but not everybody has the enough information on how to go about it.

For those who just started blogging and would want to know more about effective tips on WordPress , then read along. Here are top 10 general tips on blogging through WordPress:

Tip #1: Kick off your blogsite, by activating the akismet plugin. Though this plug in comes as a preinstalled feature with WordPress, you have to activate it in order to get a WordPress key. This process will take almost 2 minutes, very easy and quick.

This Akismet plugin works to block spam comments on your blogsite. If you want to achieve a wider scope of audience you must allow people to comment on your site but be vigilant to spam comments.

Tip #2: Your Blog should look good to achieve a good impression. Choose a theme which could add more personality to your site. You may use the default theme but there are a myriad of options to choose from. You must pick a theme which is user friendly and easy to navigate. A theme with good link visibility as well as attractive lay out can attract more readers. You can use the WordPress Theme Directory to avail of the best themes to use for WordPress.

Tip #3: Create a permalink that would show your niche outright. Permalinks are the specific links referring to your blog post. Keep your permalink SEO friendly by choosing “yourdomain.com/blog-post-title”.

Tip #4: Of you want a plugin which can take care of all the submission and updating of your sitemap to Google and other search engines, then you should download and install a Google XML Sitemaps Generator Plugin.Your site will be more accustomed to search engines if you install this into your site.

Tip #5: Search engine optimization is very important in order to achieve more traffic to your site. Traffic would entail an increase in the number of people visiting your site. The more traffic , the more probable customers who might be interested to make a purchase or avail your service. This can be done by downloading and installation of the All in One SEO Pack Plugin. This WordPress plug in can optimize your keywords and the site as well.

Tip #6: You must make sure that your WordPress blog should have a social bookmarking plugin. You can use ShareThis plugin which could go right after posting along with a specific reminder to inform visitors that they can make a subscription to your feed. In this way, you are providing your readers the opportunity to be updated of the posts and activities inyour blog.

Tip #7: Always make the effort to introduce yourself to the visitors of your site. An About Page can be created to contain all necessary information regarding your background, products and services. Other details such as likes and what visitors can expect out from your blogsite itself is very important to enable customers to be more aware ofyour site. This will give your site a more personal touch. Include profiles of the company and even some personal information about you.

Tip #8: Provide an avenue for your visitors to communicate with you. Create a Contact Page so they can send you emails regarding concerns related toyour site . You can use a contact me plugin e.g. Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form is a perfect plugin for setting up an e-mail instruction corner foryour site.

Tip #9: You can allow users tgo use an RSS reader and email to subscribe to your blog. Create an account over Feedburner so you can give your visitors the option to subscribe to your blog and receive updates in the future.

Tip # 10: Create a clone blog or a password protected subdomain in order to avoid break down of stuffs on your actual site. This clone blog is just a blog installation which matches your actual blogsite with all the same plugins, same theme and few posts. In this way, you can do trial and errors before setting up your actual site.

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