Happy to Celebrate the Independace day?

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I would like to share few thoughts with all. I happy that I am born in a nation which you love.

We have a power that no other nation has and we have a pride that no other nation has and we have governance that no other nation has. If we thing logically the population of our nation is also an added advantage to our nation.

We hoist our self in all fields and we are stretched in all areas, we have world’s top richest persons in India, we have industrialist who can bring us to our level of growth. We have scientist who leads us in equivalent to the rest of world. But the same we can not be away from the hazard which this development brings. All are vanishing-growth. We have not given a seed for fullness of growth.

If we turn around and see; there may be thousands of unanswered questions just thrown in front of us. But answers are there, with fear.

When we see the fullness that we have, we are tempted to do more. But it is alarming when it is depended on few top heads. And we can not just stop seeing that tears and tragedy comes out of it.

Every day is not Sunday. We can not pin point cast, religion and language always for the obstacles that we have for our growth.

We know that we can not bring this nation on a red carpet on a single day or in a couple of dreams of days. But as and individual, I and you can change our selves in seconds and minutes.

Let’s change ourselves to change this nation. Let every individual become man of changers to change this nation of wealth and pasture.


I feel this land is loosing something

And by the time I realize that

Few rounds of applause under a flag hoisting.

Is this year also ending with applause?

With never ending words, eagerness tears

yours sathasivam


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