Web 2.0 Usage in Corporate

Actual network data from FaceTime Communications reveals that employee use of Web 2.0 applications such as Instant Messaging, IPTV, VoIP and Social Networking on corporate networks exceeds IT estimates by up to 10 times. FaceTime also today announced version 2.0 of its Unified Security Gateway (USG), a secure Web gateway purpose-built for the new Internet to provide a single point of control for preventing malware, controlling Web 2.0 applications and managing information leakage in corporate networks. The new USG gives IT managers capabilities to detect and apply powerful policies to an unprecedented 1,400 Web 2.0 and real-time applications in use by employees.

During fourth quarter 2008, FaceTime collected live traffic data from commercially deployed USG units at more than 80 mid to large enterprises worldwide, representing the daily Web-based activities of more than 100,000 corporate workers. In parallel, FaceTime asked a large sample of IT managers how many Web 2.0 applications they believed were in use on their networks; one third estimated the number at less than eight. In reality, FaceTime’s actual network data shows an average of 49 Web 2.0 applications installed across all reporting locations.

Table: IT Manager estimates vs. actual traffic data


                                       Percentage of IT     Percentage of
                                         Managers who       locations that
                                       thought app was    show at least one
                                        being used in      endpoint using
                                        their location        the app
                                      -----------------  -----------------
Social Networking                            60%                100%
                                      -----------------  -----------------
Instant Messaging                            66%                100%
                                      -----------------  -----------------
Web based IM                                 35%                97%
                                      -----------------  -----------------
Streaming Audio/video                        80%                94%
                                      -----------------  -----------------
IPTV                                         10%                100%
                                      -----------------  -----------------
P2P File Sharing                             54%                96%
                                      -----------------  -----------------
Web Conferencing                             82%                83%
                                      -----------------  -----------------
VoIP                                         40%               100%
                                      -----------------  -----------------
Anonymizers                                  15%                74%

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